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Whole House Fan San Diego

During the hot summer months, the temperature in San Diego can be as high as 76°F. As a result, you need an efficient cooling unit that can keep the atmosphere in your home cool and still save your cooling cost. At AC Electric, we provide quality and excellent QuietCool whole house fan in San Diego.

For several years, our QuietCool systems have been the preferred cooling option for a lot of homes and businesses in San Diego. Our QuietCool whole house fan in San Diego, CA, are fast and highly reliable. They are perfect for keeping your home cool and comfortable during the summer.

Are Whole House Fans a Good Idea?

Apart from air conditioners, a whole house fan is an effective alternative way to cool your house during the summer in San Diego. A whole house fan is installed in the ceiling of a house through which it is connected to the attic. For many homeowners, is a whole house fan really worth installed in their home? Whether attic-mounted or ceiling-mounted, here are the reasons why you should consider installing a whole house fan in your home.

Cheaper Billing Costs: A whole house fan provides homeowners with an energy efficient cooling of their homes. This type of fan is cheaper to run than an air conditioner. Whole house fans compared to Air conditioners reduces 10-25% of your utility costs.  This saves you lots of money to cool your home during the summer.

Can be Easily Installed: Installation of whole house fans requires little to no assistance to install. It is easy and not complex. Notwithstanding how complicated the roof of a house may be, it takes less time to install a whole house fan.

No Sound: New models of whole house fans operate with emitting hum or loud sounds. This fan can be operated at night without interruption of sleep by sounds made from larger fans or air conditioners.

Improved Air Quality: Whole house fan increases the quality of the air that circulates around your home. They draw in air from open windows and deliver natural and cleaner air into your home. The stale and warm air is pulled into the attic through which it escapes from the house. This leaves your home well-ventilated limiting moisture that leads to the growth of molds, and other pollutants.

Increase the Lifespan of Roofs: Heats that circulate around a house is trapped in the attic. If not removed know can lead to frequent replacement of the roofs. A whole house fan draws in the air into the house and removes the heat trapped in through the attic. This way, the life of your roof is extended.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Whole House Fan?

The cost of installing a whole house fan is determined by certain factors. The size of the home, the number of whole house fans, all determines the costs.

Need Quality Whole House Fan in San Diego? Contact Us Today

Contact us today at AC Electric if you need quality QuietCool whole house fan for your home or office in San Diego. Our QuietCool systems are affordable and reliable. They are guaranteed to serve your cooling needs for an extended period.

Whole House Fan San Diego
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