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Patio Heaters North Vancouver
Are you looking at patio heaters for your North Vancouver home? ProGas supplies, services, repairs and installs all makes and types of outdoor heating equipment, including patio heaters, fire pits and fire tables. 
Whether you’re considering a simple floor standing propane patio heater or an overhead suspended model, you can count on ProGas to help you select the heater that will truly meet your needs. ProGas repairs and services patio heaters from Sunpak, Sunglo, Twin Eagles, Schwank, Calcana, Kingsman and Regency.
ProGas recommends SunPak TSH (Two Stage Hardwired) Patio Heaters for North Vancouver homes. The Sunpak S34-TSH are all hardwired for convenience with no remote control to lose or batteries to replace. This heater is easily controlled with a duplex switch. Sunpak is CSA design-certified as an unvented infrared heater for outdoor use. All units are equipped with spark ignition and 100% shutoff for safety, economy and convenience.
New Sunpak TSH units feature a slim profile, Hi/lo control, run on natural or propane gas, allow angle mounting from zero to 30 degrees, are ideal for wind-protected areas, and are rain protected. Sunpak Patio Heaters are ideal for North Vancouver homes with patios.
The Calcana Patio Heater provides a virtual heatwave for your patio, with a safely enclosed flame that is protected from the wind and located inside of an infrared emitter tube. Some additional features of the Calcana Patio Heater includes:
- Low clearance to combustibles, can be safely installed with awnings.
- Offers slim, narrow dimensions for ease of installation in long, narrow street-side patio areas.
- No floor space lost, with overhead design that allows unit to hand from existing trellis or overhead structure. Unit can also mount to a wall.
- Variable input burner provides the right level of heat output according to each location.
- Certified outdoor/indoor, including areas out in the wind, rain, snow and temperatures as low as 40 below zero. For indoor applications, the unit can be safely vented through the wall or roof.
- Easy-light ignition, with no pilot to light by hand, no valves to turn, no thermocouples to replace. Operate with the flick of a switch.
- Operates via local or remote control.
- Low maintenance, due to no ceramic or thermocouples to replace. Emitter tubes do not glow red and are not fatigued.
- Highly-efficient reflectors capture the radiant energy and direct it to the patio area, making this unit economical to operate. Heats more area with less fuel than any other style of patio heaters in North Vancouver.
- Operates with natural gas or propane.
Contact ProGas for service or installation of a patio heater and enjoy your outdoor spaces even during the coldest months. For a free estimate of costs, call a technicians from ProGas at 604-925-1341, or visit online at From there, you can see their entire line of outdoor heating products.
The winter months will soon be upon us. Now is the time to start thinking about patio heaters for your North Vancouver home. Take back your outdoor patio space that the winter tries to claim each year, and enjoy the great outdoors in style. ProGas is dedicated to helping you make it happen.
Patio Heaters North Vancouver
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