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When you feel that it’s time to finally remodel your kitchen, one of the first things that you might think about are all of the new appliances that you are going to select for your home. Choosing the proper appliances that will suit your needs the most, is an important task that takes much consideration and thought. Since this is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime project, you will want to select the newest and technologically advanced appliances that are available on the market today. At Bonnycastle Appliance & TV, we have quality made products by Thermador in Louisville that will give you lasting beauty and satisfaction for several years to come.

Bonnycastle Appliance & TV is known as the largest provider of luxurious and top-of-the-line appliances manufactured by Thermador in Louisville, and throughout the entire area. Thermador appliances offer state-of-the-art technology, matched with the beauty of stainless steel that will compliment and improve the look of your kitchen and home. Whether you are searching for a dual fuel steam range, or perhaps you may want a built-in coffee maker or cappuccino maker, you can be sure that when you choose a Thermador appliance, you will have the durability that you expect, along with the lasting elegance that you desire.

At Bonnycastle Appliance & TV, we are fortunate enough in having a full staff of professional and experienced team members that all work together to bring you the best experience when you are shopping for kitchen appliances. We have been providing the most exceptional and quality made appliances for over the last 100 years, and among all of us we have over 200 years of combined experience when it comes to providing well built and long lasting household appliances. We also have a staff of professional and trustworthy service and delivery experts that are bonded and fully insured, ensuring your trust and peace of mind.

Our company's number one objective is how we portray ourselves when it comes to our highest level of customer service that we provide to every single person that comes to visit our showroom. Whether you are here with the intent of purchasing appliances, or you are simply just looking around, we strive to treat you as we would like our friends and families to be treated.  All people deserve being shown respect and appreciation, and this is not only what we do, but it is what you have come to expect from us over the years.

If you would like some additional information regarding the reliable and dependable appliances that are built by Thermador in Louisville and that we proudly offer, Bonnycastle Appliance & TV would like to invite you to visit our web site at, and browse through our inventory, within the comfort and privacy of your own home. On our home page, you can leave your contact information and we will happily get right back with you, or please call us at 502.454.4891 and speak with one of our professional and courteous team members.

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