Cool-Off has a reputation for making some of the best misting systems in Miami- misters that produce a very fine mist that can reduce the ambiant air temperature in South Florida by as much as 20 degrees. On a hot summer day in Florida, that can mean a much cooler outdoor space, between 70-75 degrees on a typical July or August afternoon. If you’re looking for an affordable way to combat the sun’s intense heat in your backyard, pool area, or commercial location, check out some of our misting systems for sale online at Cool-Off.

4 Ways To Use Misters To Keep Cool Ourdoors In The Summer

1. Is your South Florida patio area too hot to enjoy in the summer season? Instead of avoiding your patio space, you can set up one of our best water cooling systems around your patio and enjoy spending time in your backyard again, no matter how high the mercury rises. Enjoy your favorite book underneath refreshing mist, play cards with friends & family, or serve a fresh salad outdoors in your patio without getting overheated. Nothing beats a mister for home use in Florida.

2. Being able to get out of the heat in a backyard swimming pool sure makes Florida living enjoyable. An outdoor mister can make sitting on your pool deck even better when you invest in one of Cool-Off’s misting systems for Miami pools. A mister and shade umbrella make a dynamic duo that will protect you and guests from the sun’s intense rays and scorching temperatures when you want to make the most of your pool.

3. If you have small children at home and you’re like a lot of our customers at Cool-Off, you’re always looking for new ways to get kids outside and into the fresh air. While Miami can become unbearable during the summertime, a custom-built mister made from quality water misting accessories and parts can keep everyone comfortable, no matter how hot it gets outdoors. If you’re up for a fun summer project, you can build your own set-up from items sold on our website. We have everything needed to create unique misting systems for Miami families.

4. You’ll find some of the best misting systems in Miami at the entranceways to resorts and hotels. If you’re looking for a cool invitation to extend to guests, set up one of our misters at the doorway of your establishment and you’ll see nothing but smiles from guests coming in and out of your building. Choose a high-pressure misting system for commercial applications; make a call to Cool-Off for advice on how to select a system for your place.

To view all of our products, simply visit Cool-Off online and browse through our extensive inventory of misting systems for Miami homes & businesses, misting tents & inflatables, umbrellas, cabanas, and portable misters. You’ll find many ways to stay cool and comfortable all summer long when you invest in a water misting system from us that is easy to install and fun to use.

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