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Summer can be intolerably hot in Florida, which is why an effective and working air conditioner is crucial for this kind of season to stay cool and comfortable. The last thing you would want to happen during this hot weather is your air-conditioner breaking down. However, this unfortunate incident can happen especially at the least unexpected time.  

It is important to know where to find a reliable company for your air-conditioning repair needs. At Chiller Medic, we offer residential and commercial air-conditioning repair in St. Augustine, FL, and nearby areas. Just like your car, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance checks so that it will operate at its best and prolong its lifespan as well. 

Your air-conditioning unit will eventually be subject to wear-and-tear, which is why regular maintenance is necessary to ensure its adequate and proper function for as long as it can. Otherwise, your air-conditioner will not only affect its overall performance but also waste precious energy and money due to defective parts. 

Air-Conditioning maintenance includes cleaning your unit. Your air-conditioner’s condensing unit inevitably accumulates dirt and debris throughout its usage. These will clog the fins and A-coil, both of which can affect air flow, thus lessening the air-conditioner’s efficiency. Regular cleaning can help improve your unit’s efficiency and avoid expensive air-conditioning repair in St. Augustine, FL. 

Air-conditioner Maintenance Tips

Ideally, your air-conditioner should be cleaned every other year. However, it may depend on your unit’s manufacturer. A usual air-conditioner maintenance routine includes the following:

Blower motor and electrical connections inspection

Checking the A-coil pressures, and thermostat

Clearing drain lines and cleaning contractor

Applying oil to air-conditioner parts that need it

Hosing down the condenser of any dirt and debris

Before the entire procedure, it is essential to turn off the power to the unit. It is not recommended covering your air-conditioner when not in use, as it can create condensation that can destroy some of the unit’s parts. Your air-conditioner can be invaded by small insects and may even ruin your unit’s internal components. 

Cleaning your air conditioner’s air filter is a crucial part of your air-conditioner unit maintenance because it can collect dirt and other particles in time. Not washing it – ideally, every month – will restrict air flow, thus affecting its efficiency. It will also emit dirty air from the unit which can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. 

Check any signs of overheating located in the condensing unit, such as damaged, melted, or burnt wires and wire insulation, and make sure that your electrical connections are screwed tight. 

Also, check if your thermostat is still working correctly to maintain the right temperature. Otherwise, upgrade yours into a programmable one (if you happen to have a mechanical thermostat). Lastly, check your condenser unit fan for any signs of damage or cracks in its blades. 

If you are looking for a company that does air-conditioning repair in St. Augustine, FL, we at Chiller Medic will take care of it. For your inquiries, contact us via landline or email through this website.

Air Conditioning Repair St Augustine
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Air Conditioning Repair St Augustine
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