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There is no greater comfort than going into an area with a good air conditioning system after getting all beaten up from the heat. Be it your home or office building, the feeling of relief is fantastic. With almost 1.38 million units sold in the US, air conditioners are being trusted by many to keep them comfortable against heat.

While it is a fact that almost all households and establishments are investing for a good AC system, as the number suggests, only a few understand how the AC works.

Your air conditioning system separates cold and hot air. This is the central principle that makes an AC work. An air conditioning system has three primary parts, namely the compressor, condenser, and evaporator.

The compressor is the first part that does the work by compressing the refrigerant, so the molecules are all packed together. The compression process increases the temperature of the packed pressurized gas molecules, which then travel to the condenser. Condenser helps in the fast isolation or dispersion of heat, so when the particles leave the capacitor, it is now cooler. As it leaves the condenser into a liquid state, it enters the evaporator which turns it back into a much cooler gas state.

The process is repeated until what is left is cold air. In modern air conditioning system, when the temperature sensor reads the desired temperature, it will turn off and on depending on the temperature.

Common Reasons Why Air Conditioning System Fails

Your air conditioning system, just like any other systems, will require a regular check-up for any potential causes of failures. If you want to maintain and ensure your AC will serve its purpose, do away from these common causes of failure.

Refrigerant Leakage

Your air conditioning system needs to have a lot of refrigerants to ensure delivery of cold air. If the level is too low, it might not be able to reach the desired cold temperature level or worse, it breaks. If you suspect a leak for having such low refrigerant level, call us, and we will do our best to fix it in no time.

No proper maintenance

Just like any other systems, your air conditioning also requires regular checking and maintenance. That is if you want to increase its functionality and ensure that it will be performing well for the longest time possible. 

Clogged filter

One of the reasons why many fear the use of air conditioning systems is because of the tendency for dust to circulate along with the cold air. This is only possible, however, if the filter is not regularly cleaned and left clogged with dirt. If your air conditioning system suddenly stopped working, check you filter as this is one of the leading causes of such issue.

If you encounter any of these issues do not hesitate to call us. We have a veteran staff that will help fix any problems and concern with any AC. We are equipped with 30 years worth of experience in repairing St. Augustine.

Ac Repair St Augustine Fl
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Ac Repair St Augustine Fl
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