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Taking care of your air-conditioning unit is like taking care of your car – it needs regular maintenance. Otherwise, your air-conditioner will not provide optimum function as it should be. Thus, it is essential to know a good company that you can rely on for AC repair in St. Augustine, Fl., regardless whether your unit is for residential or commercial purposes.

Parts of an Air-Conditioning Unit

A smooth-functioning air-conditioning unit is one of the most critical necessities, especially during the hot summer weather. An air-conditioning unit cools and heats the air; at the same time, it cleans, controls and conditions the air to provide the ideal temperature for a relaxed and comfortable indoor environment.

An air-conditioning unit usually consists of five major parts with their respective functions. These are:

Condenser and evaporator coils 

These two inevitably accumulate dirt and debris over the years, which will then affect airflow and reduce the evaporator coil’s ability to absorb heat. On the other hand, the condenser coils can also get dirty especially if the location of the air-conditioning unit is dusty, which can also affect the unit’s overall function.


Popularly known as “Freon,” a coolant circulates through an air-conditioner and turns from liquid to gas while absorbing and releasing heat.

It is said to be the “heart” of an air-conditioning unit’s cooling cycle. The compressor helps circulate the refrigerant from the compressor to the condenser coils that cool the air which you enjoy your car or room.

An outside fan’s primary function is to pull air across the air-conditioning unit parts to cool the refrigerant.
Air filter.

This is the air-conditioner unit part that collects dirt, debris, and other particles and prevents them from circulating the air-conditioning system. Likewise, air filters also help avoid potential allergy or asthma attacks due to allergens or particles.
Cleaning Your Unit’s Air Filter

In cleaning your air-conditioning unit filter, you can either do it (if you know how to) or have it serviced by a company that also provides AC repair in St. Augustine, Fl.

First of all, it is recommended to clean your AC unit’s filter every month to ensure your unit’s optimum performance. You can follow these steps in cleaning your air-conditioning unit’s filter, or as indicated on your Owner’s Manual.

Vacuum your filter or wash it using warm water with gentle detergent (if your filter is too dirty). To remove odor, apply a little amount of baking soda over the filter and rinse gently to avoid tearing or damaging the filter. Never clean the filter in the dishwater. You must do this by hand. After cleaning the filter, dry it first before putting it back to the unit. Do not open the air-conditioning unit unless the filter has been reinstalled.
By taking time in paying extra attention to your air-conditioning unit, you will be ensured that your ultimate cooling machine will last longer and provide comfort inside your home or office. Have yours taken care of a reputable company that also offers AC repair in St. Augustine, Fl.

Chiller Medic is the one to call for your air-conditioning needs. For more information, call us or send an email through this website.

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